FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions do you offer per year?

For our recreational classes, we offer 3 session. Our Fall session runs from September to December, our Winter session runs from January to March and our Spring session runs from April to June. Registration for each typically opens about a month prior to each session.

At what age can my child start gymnastics?

Your child can start classes as young as 18 months. Our parent and tot classes are for ages 18 months - 3 years. Once children are 3 they can begin our unparented classes.

How do I know which color badge to regsister my child in?

We follow the CanGym program for ages 6 and up. This program has 12 badges which each child can work through at their pace. The badges in order are: Burgundy, Red, Tan, Bronze, Purple, Blue, Turqouise, Silver, Orange, Yellow, Green, Gold. We have divided the classes up into the following badge levels: Burgundy/Red/Tan (these are the first 3 levels) Bronze/Purple (badges 4 and 5) Blue plus (badges 6 and up) If your child has never participated in gymnastics, they would start in the Burgundy/Red/Tan class. At the end of each session, the coaches will let you know which level to register your child in for the next registration. We also keep a record at the gymnastics club, so if it's been a while since your child was enrolled and you aren't sure which level to register your child in please contact us at edsontumblers@gmail.com.