Recreational Gymnastics

In our recreational gymnastics program, the focus

is on having FUN, gaining FITNESS, and learning

the FUNDAMENTALS of gymnastics!

The CanGym Program exists to develop a love in young, aspiring athletes.  This program is used at many gyms across Canada, including ours.


Badge 1 - Burgundy     Badge 5 - Purple            Badge 9 - Orange

Badge 2 - Red              Badge 6 - Blue               Badge 10 - Yellow

Badge 3 - Tan               Badge 7 - Turquoise     Badge 11 - Green

Badge 4 - Bronze         Badge 8 - Silver             Badge 12 - Gold

Registration for our recreational program is based on skill-level and age. All of our Burgundy-Bronze classes are Co-Ed. After completing Bronze, gymnasts begin to specialize on MAG or WAG apparatus, which is why our advanced classes are split. Please see our list of classes & descriptions below to help you decide where to register.

Have prior gymnastics experience? Thats wonderful! Please note that an assessment from one of our Edson Tumblers coaches is required for placement into an advanced class. Contact us directly for more details.